Constructions / Civil Works:


A great construction should be equally solid and beautiful. Attractively made homes, offices or buildings become the center of intention that results in great feedback and response.


Planning & Designing:

First, we plan, and then we design. In order to offer top quality construction services to our Kuwait costumers, we plan an effective strategy that helps us in delivering a solid construction for your home and business place. Then we design it according to the latest architecture standards so you get good value for money.


Building Structure:

Your building structure should be strong and elegant. Experienced builders working with AIMed offer one-stop solutions for your building structure. We make use of necessary tools and strategies that help us in delivering amazing building structures of highest standards.


Sigma & Finishing:

Sigma is a quality concept of construction where you get the high quality finish for your living or office space. AIMed builders apply true sigma construction principles that make your building look equally gorgeous and solid.

Types of Projects:
AIMed provides the highest quality of construction services to

  • Homes

  • Offices

We make your homes look good and offices look attractive so you make the most out of every opportunity.

Constructions / Civil Works

If you want to build a new home, a great building structure or your department is looking for civil works, AIMed will give you the right solutions at a desirable price.

Design Services

Our design services include some of the top interior and architecture designs that reflect the true feel of unique elegance.


With effective planning and strategies, AIMed is able to deliver highest standards of designs for your homes and business places. Our geniuses create brilliant interior designs that meet your personal requirements and specifications. In addition to amazing interior design solutions, AIMed provides excellent architecture design services that are completely based on latest standards. Our design and construction service include the drawing a plan for MEP (Mechanical Electric Plumbing) so you get the best electric experience in a home for your family and in office for your customers.


We optimize on your real estate that ensures maximum customers for your business place and also a great comfort in your home. Before we design, we listen to you. This includes the discussion about the number of residents, their needs, and your business type or customer’s requirements. This helps us in creating the long-lasting interior and architecture design to meet your exact requirements. This makes sure that you get a greater return on your investment.

Interior Design

Highly trained professionals working with AIMed provide high-quality interior design service to meet your personality and taste.



If you are looking into some renovation options or want to build a new home or office to meet your personal requirements, let AIMed be your next service provider. We are known as one of the most trusted sources for interior designs in Kuwait offering highest standards of services for homes, offices, and also the restaurants and cafes.



A beautiful home is where your heart is. A well-made home with a great interior offers the sense of comfort and luxury for you and your loved ones. We design your beautiful interior according to the latest architectural standards so you get maximum elegance and peace in your dream home.



Beautifully designed office not only brings satisfaction but also more and more clients with top money. AIMed designs gorgeous interior for your Kuwait office that offers both style and grace.


Restaurants and Cafes:

If your restaurant is not designed according to the latest architecture standards, you will lose your customers. Qualified professionals working with AIMed are aimed at designing unique interior for restaurants and cafes that will attract more Kuwaitis to enjoy your delicious meal.